Satya Nadella Calls Broadband Internet A Fundamental Human Right

In the COVID-19 pandemic-stricken world, no internet access has been a major cause of concern for several regions across continents.

With restricted movement to work, education centres and even health facilities, transition to the digital world has become more crucial than ever before.

Tech majors realise this and hence have started collaborating to bring the internet to more places. Google’s recent Rs 33,737 crore investment in Jio Platforms Ltd is one example. Among other targets, part of the investment will go to “operational, infrastructure and ecosystem investments.”

In a similar effort, Microsoft has collaborated with Land O’Lakes, an American agribusiness and food company. The multiyear strategic alliance will “apply the power of Azure and its AI capabilities” to help Land O’Lakes tackle challenges faced by the agriculture industry.

Through this partnership, Microsoft aims to “close the rural broadband gap,” bringing internet access to Land O’Lakes’ network of 150 million acres of productive cropland across 19 US states. As per Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, this is one of the most crucial aspects among other targets of the partnership…Read more>>